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Mental Wellness for the New Millenium

Enlightened Living specialises in treating Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Addictions. By using the most effective mind/body approach to address the exact causes of these issues, we help our clients recover quickly. If you are suffering and looking for a way out of the pain, Enlightened Living will provide you with the most effective treatment you can find. Whether you have tried many therapies, or this is the first time you have sought help, working with us will get you the results you are looking for.

Our treatment is education based, and has been intensively developed to work for every client, every time. We don’t use the chemical hit and miss program, and we don’t expect you to spend hours getting “stuff” off your chest to go home without resolving anything. We don’t use any mystical, magical philosophies, which can leave you feeling even more confused about life. We work with you step by step, using a wisdom based, belief system therapy. We teach you precisely what is required to stop your struggle and ease your mental pain, and help you to feel good about yourself and your life again.

Are you aware the cause of Stress, Depression and Anxiety is identical with every person who suffers from it?

Some philosophies promote the assumption that certain events in life are responsible for these issues, and recommend improving your circumstances in life by getting a better job, relationship, friends whilst eliminating the so called 'stressful events' from your life. This can lead you to take on the impossible task of having total control over the universe, and thus, frantically working to bring about a life which will give you happiness and peace. Other programs and counselling philosophies understand there are certain types of thinking, which can contribute to Stress, Depression and Anxiety. The problem is most don’t know the precise thinking which is the cause of these conditions! This makes it difficult, and sometimes impossible, for them to address what's actually necessary to alleviate them. Other options are to treat the symptoms using prescribed medications to help with the ‘chemical imbalance’, using the 'hit and miss' method. This will not address the underlying cause of the so called 'imbalance', making it also impossible for permanent relief. As you can see many of these treatments can provide temporary relief, though rarely, do any of them, give a long term solution.

With 25 years of clinical research, development and applied practice the Enlightened Living Programs offer a completely different approach to your issues. It is easy to follow and highly effective. This has been proven with many of our clients commenting on how our program is completely opposite of everything they have learned so far, yet far easier to understand and much simpler to apply to their situations. A large number of people have recovered quickly from the debilitating effects of Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Addictions and Chronic Psychological Stress simply through the education process we provided. Our programs are available to anyone, and you can become one of the many people who are now experiencing more happiness, peace and an overall far less stressful life. Check our services and see what best fits your situation and book into one of our programs today. 

* Enlightened Living 2 Day Program (Highly Recommended)

* Individualised Personal Counselling

* Skype calls (for those unable to attend in person)

* Business Mental Wellness Programs

* Retreats (coming soon)

* Webinar Series (coming soon)

Enlightened Living Services will have a measurable affect on your health and well-being. We are committed to giving you the most effective treatment to ease your suffering and help you to regain peace of mind. Here is a list of issues we can deal with:

* Depression

* Anxiety



* Alcohol and Drug Addiction

* Bi-Polar

* Eating Disorders

* Weight Issues

* Self Harm

* Low Self Esteem

* Chronic Fatigue

Some of the benefits you can expect to experience after working with us include:

• Greater understanding of yourself and your purpose in life.

• Being able to go about your daily life with a sense of peace not fear.

• Seeing your future in a brighter and more optimistic light.

• Close relationships improve as you feel more at ease with who you are.

• Looking forward to working on goals for your future again.

• Gaining an appreciation of yourself and others.

• Learning what yours and everybody’s true value and worth is.

• Renewed energy and vigour due to a better functioning physical and mental system.

Our program will teach you the most effective way to grow out of your psychological illness fast and permanently, without the long term need for medication. No drugs, no gimmicks, just accurate, easy to understand information that will help you to live life with more peace of mind, appreciation and greater understanding.

“I am happier and more centered than I have ever been before, and I believe that attending Jayden’s life coaching seminar has played a huge part in my transformation. Before I met Jayden I was full of self doubt, regret and guilt… and had been dealing with the same issues for many years. With Jayden’s help I have been able to forgive myself and other people – realising that we were all doing the best we could at the time, and this has enabled me to move forward with my life. I have turned my life around – I’m working a job that I really love, I’m going back to university, and I’m spending time with my friends and family… and I’m so grateful to Jayden for his part in this. Jayden is a passionate and gifted presenter, who made the information easily accessible to everyone in the seminar – regardless of our individual differences. Jayden has been an ongoing source of encouragement and advice, and is always available for a chat. Thank you Jayden!” – Krystal Sayer (Gold Coast, QLD)

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