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Two Day Program

Fast track to a life of ease and pleasure with our Enlightened Living Two Day Program. We teach you how to feel good about yourself, regain your self-confidence (which was never lost by the way) and give you a renewed drive towards your future. A future filled with more joy, laughter and passion and a deep, unwavering sense of peace.

The two day program is designed specifically to enable you to gain permanent freedom from your mental hell, and give you an immediate and long lasting peaceful state of mind, without all the confusion, the fear, or the sense of feeling lost. You also get a free Personal Counselling Consultation where we can really sort out all of your most pressing, and long term issues once and for all. 

Within the program you are going to learn the true cause of stress, depression, anxiety, and how to fix it effectively and decisively, without all of the fluff and nonsense. I'm going to cut through the mess of confusing information in your head, which society has been ramming down your throat, and provide you with a clear understanding of the true causes of your mental pain. Only then will you will be able to alleviate your suffering with a solution that is far easier than all of the traditional methods. The best thing is, no more medications which only mask your pain and turn you into a walking zombie, no endless hours, and money, spent in a psychologist’s office going over the same old stuff and not getting any any real resolution. You will simply be equipped with the tools you need to help yourself come out of your mental hell. Plus you can use what you've learnt to help others, like your family and friends if and when needed.

It's sort of like getting a "secret of the minds" manual with all of the answers to your life questions provided.

This training/manual will show you exactly how your mind actually works, what reality and spirituality really is, and how and why we have stress in our system.  Once you know all of this your life becomes an interesting journey of growth and learning, rather than overwhelming, depressive, stressful experience which you are constantly fighting against.

The programs are run over 2 consecutive days in the beautiful Hinterland town of Maleny on the Sunshine Coast, in a warm and friendly environment with limited group numbers. This way you get the personalised attention which you need for the best possible outcome. The program is perfect for families, couples or individuals.

What’s included in our Enlightened Living Program?
* 2 day workshop designed to give you the tools to wipe out your Stress, Anxiety or Depression. (There is no Woop Woop or Ra Ra involved, just solid, accurate, life saving information taught in a simple, easy to understand format)
* Clear understanding of the REAL causes of Stress, Anxiety and Depression. (knowing these are imperative to your recovery)
* Learn the true purpose of life and your role in it. (It's not what you have been told, and much simpler then you may think)
* Learn about self worth and how it affects you and your life. (Can we really lose our self-worth or is this just a lie we have been lead to believe. The answer to this one will surprise you)
* Learn how your belief system determines your experience of life. (Does life cause our suffering or is there something else which is far easier to fix then having to control the entire universe)
* Limited group numbers to ensure you get all the information you need. (Don't worry this is not a sit around and talk about our stuff to each other type experience. It's a powerful forum for learning and developing a mindset which is unshakable even in the face of extreme adversity)
* Interactive Workbook. (Your take home life skills manual to pull out in times of need)
* Delicious catered lunches and afternoon teas included. 
* 1.5 hour Private Counselling Consultation with our senior Counsellor Jayden Raye, valued at $450.00 (Time to get down to some of the nitty gritty if you haven't already resolved it during your time in the two days spent in the training)

If you’ve had enough of feeling the way you do and are ready for immediate and long lasting change, then book in now to our next 2 Day Program, or give me a call to find out more.

Which means if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. So if after attending our two day program, you don’t think you can use the information to turn your life around, we don’t expect, or want to keep your money. Just simply let us know at the end of the program and we’ll happily refund your money in full.

“I had been to a lot of workshops and seminars, and although I found them to be some-what helpful, I found your information to be the most practical and useful for everyday life and relationships. I found that I was able to let go of a lot of the pressure I place on myself and to feel more confident in dealing with what was happening in my life” - Clair Garnett (Melbourne, Vic)

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