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Skype Sessions

For those who are not local to the Sunshine Coast, we offer personalised one on one counselling consultations via Skype Call.

In these powerful, education based calls, you will learn the reasons why you are stressed, depressed, anxious and more. You will gain an understanding into how your mind works, what are the real triggers for your painful emotional reactions, and how to neutralise them quickly and permanently.

This is long term, solution based counselling where you are given answers to your questions. This is not "GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST" type of therapy. I have no intention of putting 'band-aids' on your symptoms temporarily, or making you feel a little better by patting you on the back and saying "There, There". As a specialist in the field of mind/body counselling, I know how to alleviate mental health issues fast, and because you are investing your valuable time and money into me to sort out your issues this is what I will be doing.

This is the reason there is a 10 session minimum.

Firstly it shows you are serious and ready to grow out of your old, habitual way of thinking.

Secondly, you don't go to a personal trainer and expect to be fit after just one session. This is exactly what I am doing with your mind! I am training your mind into a state of peak fitness. A fit mind is a healthy mind, a healthy mind contributes to mental and physical well-being. This is what is known as 'The Mind/Body Connection'.

These consultations work wonderfully as a stand alone, or in conjunction with our two day programs.

To find out more about what to expect from your Skype Counselling sessions go to our personal counselling page.

Ten 1.5 hour Skype consultations paid in instalments is $2500 ($250 per session)
Save 30% by paying upfront, this brings your investment to $1750

If you’ve had enough of feeling the way you do and are ready for immediate change, call today or send us an email immediately. You don't have to continue to experience the stress you are going through when a solution is here and ready for you now.

My full, money back guarantee applies for all of my work. Details here.

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