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Personal Counselling

As well as offering our Enlightened Living Two day Programs, we also provide personalised one on one counselling consultations, so we can work exclusively with you and your unique set of circumstances. These consultations work wonderfully as a standalone or in conjunction with our two day programs.

During your consultations, you will learn the true cause of depression, stress, anxiety, and how to fix it fast. It's an education in life and covers why you experience psychological stress and how to relieve it effectively. You'll learn about the many beliefs we have which can make you happy, sad, joyful and mad. This is something like learning the blueprint of your mind, and working out how to change that blueprint to bring you peace, and emotional stability. It all comes down to how accurate your mental blueprint is and what missing links or inaccurate information it holds.

Once the missing links are added, and the inaccurate information is corrected, your stress, depression and anxiety will automatically begin to ease. What's great about how I counsel is that you don't have to do much at all, the work is all done by me. Just like a surgeon operates on you to repair an issue in your bodies system, I operate on your minds system to repair the issues it has. And like any highly experienced surgeon I have spent years honing my skills and my technique to make sure you get the best results with minimal recovery time.

You will find this is far easier and more effective than most of the traditional methods such as; using medication, endless hours spent talking about your issues with no real resolution offered, meditation to control your mind, or one of the many other self-help options now proliferating our society. I have been fortunate enough to have tested the vast majority of them and have taken the bits out of them which work, and discarded the bulk of it, which I found only causes more suffering in the long term. This is how I have been able to refine my counselling to a fine art to cut through all of the dross and laser in on the REAL issue causing your mental pain.

Once I'm able to hone in on your issue and go to work fixing it, you will notice an immediate change in how you feel about yourself and about your life. Just imagine seeing your life again with curiosity and wonder, as an interesting journey of discovery and growth, rather than something overwhelming, depressive, stressful, or something to constantly fight against. This is what is available to you through any of my programs.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect to experience:

* Greater understanding of yourself and your purpose in life.
* Learn what to do when old beliefs associated with your stress pop into your mind.
* Feel more appreciation for your life and optimistic about your future.
* Close relationships improve as you feel more at ease with who you are, and what your relationships are for.
* Improved energy levels and a brighter outlook of the world.
* Better understanding of your family and friends and the issues which can arise with them.
* Learn why confidence is not what you need to be working on.
* Learn what the real purpose of happiness is and the secret to having more of it.
* Peace of mind from knowing why you can never fail, no matter how life unfolds.
* Increased sense of self esteem/self love and greater appreciation for yourself and others.
* Real solutions to all of your mental health concerns. (Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Addictions, PTSD, Anger, Guilt, Regret and much more)

How many consultations will I need?

Unlike traditional therapy, which can take many years, my courses and counselling give you effective change quickly and easily. The reason this is possible, is because this type of therapy has been tested with thousands of clients and has produced excellent, verifiable results! It’s based on 25 years of clinical study, and years of research and application. This brought about the discovery of the true cause of psychological pain and suffering and which allows me to tranfer the results of all my experience to you.

Although everyone has their own unique set of circumstances, all of my clients require only a few consultations to start seeing results! After only ten sessions my clients are completely satisfied with what they have learnt ,and are ready to continue life with far less stress, a much healthier attitude, and a deep sense of peace and appreciation. What this means to you is being able to spend the shortest amount of time to sort out your issues. This way you can get on with living your life to the full without fearing your mind and what emotional issues may arise. There is nothing better then feeling at peace with who your are and how your life will unfold.

Come and enjoy the beautiful, hinterland town of Maleny on the Sunshine Coast, and visit me for a consultation so you can start to get some significant relief from your mental health issues. For those outside our local area, Skype telephone consultations are available at a time convenient to you.

1.5 hour private counselling consultation is $450
Save 30% – Pay for 10 consultations in advance for only $3150.00, saving you $1350.00 (This is the most effective way to get the changes you want)

If you’ve had enough of feeling the way you do and are ready for immediate change, call today or send us an email immediately.

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