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About Us

Enlightened Living is located on the Sunshine Coast in the picturesque town of Maleny. We are passionate about helping people who suffer from stress related illness, including depression, stress, anxiety, addictions, and PTSD.

After suffering a strong bout of depression 20 years ago, Jayden was inspired to seek solutions to his illness. Jayden tried many different therapeutic modalities to help eliminate his depression. After thousands of hours, and many ups and downs along the way, a permanent solution was found, and is being used by our business today.

We use a revolutionary method developed exclusively by Greg Neville, the world’s leading expert in treating psychological issues and any associated psychosomatic illness. Let me ask you a question? How would you like to know the EXACT causes of all psychological pain and suffering, and to learn how to neutralise it easily and in the shortest time possible. By treating 100's of clients over the last 20+ years, and producing successful, tangible results in everyone who uses our program, we have developed our experience to a level where we can say, with confidence, our treatment will work for everybody who is willing to change. Our commitment is to bring you the relief you need in the shortest time, and the most effective way possible. 

Jayden Raye is our mental health expert who will do everything he can to ease your pain. He will tackle any issues you have and give you clear, precise, and direct answers to solve them. He will do this in as little time as possible, and with little effort on your behalf. No dredging up painful past memories and sitting through confusing psycho-babble, or psychological text book dialogue which makes absolutely no sense. You will also not have to spend years and years in ongoing sessions rehashing the same old stuff. Instead you will gain the clarity you want from your very first meeting, and will have most of your issues addressed within only a few sessions. This way you can move on with your life without all the GUILT, REGRET, DEPRESSION, STRESS, ANXIETY, LACK OF CONFIDENCE/SELF ESTEEM, INDECISION, FEELING LOST, FEAR and so on.

The following details about Jayden's development in the field of psychological wellbeing will help you to understand why he is able to help you in a way many can't, and also what to expect when you first meet him.

Jayden classifies himself as a Life Education Specialist who uses an educational based approach to immediately relieve psychological stress. This style of Life Education will help you to develop a wiser view of life and your place within it. It is only by having access to true wisdom will you gain long term peace of mind and the necessary abilities/outlook to tackle your stress responses more effectively in the future. Jayden deals only in simple, long term solutions for your mental pain, not temporary, short term relief. 

After extensively studying the works of the foremost expert in the field of psychosomatic illness of our time, Dr Greg Neville, Jayden began applying and improving his counselling skills. Through teaching students and clients at the Australian Depression Institute, and presenting seminars, daily talks and personal counselling at several mental health retreats, Jayden learnt the exact questions and answers which allows him to effectively, and precisely, eradicate the many complicated issues responsible for the mental hell within people's minds. For over 20 years he has counselled 100's of people suffering many forms of psychological illnesses. His goal for anyone who comes to him seeking help, is to ensure that they receive the substantial changes they need, and measurably improve how they feel about themselves and their lives. This process is to be completed in the shortest time possible whilst maintaining optimum effectiveness. Everyone he meets has gained significant long term relief from their mental hell, and continues to live their lives with more peace, real happiness, and feeling deeply inspired for whatever the future may bring.

The past 20+ years of studying the human psyche voraciously, and learning about the many different models in the field of personal development, has given Jayden the ability to excel in the field of counselling to neutralise strong emotional pain. He specialises in Belief System Therapy, Mindfulness, Holistic Counselling and Transformational Group Workshops. He has honed his skills to effectively treat a wide range of psychological issues and believes no issue is untreatable, or that anyone is a lost cause. You will definitely get the type of help you need through using Jayden's years of experience, and a complete transformation from pain to peace is definitely within your reach. 

There is an important reason you've come to this site today, and that, I'm sure, is to once and for all clear up your deepest, darkest issues. This way you can enjoy living the rest of your life with real peace of mind, an unwavering, deep sense of joy, and an unconditional love for yourself. When you have these feelings and beliefs as your default settings, life becomes a simply joyous adventure, a highly entertaining journey of curiosity and wonder, and a gift you can pass onto each and every human being you come into contact with. Don't you feel it's time for you to have the type of life you've always wanted, and felt you were supposed to have deep down in your heart? Jayden will help you find the truest truths necessary to give you the wisdom you have desperately been searching for all these years. This wisdom is your secret blueprint for lifelong emotional wellbeing.

"Enlightenment is not something specifically reserved for Monks, Bodhisattvas, Saints, Buddhas, deep meditators or spiritual gurus. It is a state of mind anyone can achieve through accurately understanding the nature of life, in all its truth. This truth is easy to discover, and real enlightenment will be experienced, when applying the laws of nature to any inaccurate beliefs arising in our mind. The exposure and neutralising of any illusions our minds may hold, by using our emotions as guides, and wisdom for our dissolution, will result in the peace of mind which only comes from being enlightened".                                                Jayden Raye

* Certified Australian Depression Institute Senior Life Coach
* Certified Australian Depression Institute Lecturer
* Mindfulness Practitioner
* MICBT Qualified Practitioner
* Certified Telephone Counsellor
* Qualified Emotional Release Practitioner

  • WHO IT THIS FOR - If you are suffering from Psychological Stress, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Addictions, or any other mental health issue our programs offer the most effective treatments available. Over 25 years of clinical study and thousands of client practice has produced the finest Belief System Therapy which works. Fast!
  • WHAT YOU GET - Every client who attends, and completes an Enlightened Living program, is covered by my no questions asked, complete money back guarantee. If you believe the information you have gained from any of our services will not be able to help you in anyway, I will happily refund your entire investment.
  • HOW IT WORKS - Enlightened Living offers a number of specialised services, all created and designed to bring you maximum results in the shortest possible time.

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